More Natural Goodness

More Freshly-Made Flavor

More Vitamins & Minerals

More Good Nutrition

Try it and see for yourself!
We’re confident that this will be the best tasting spicy tomato juice you’ve ever had!

– Michael Arlen, President,
NEWtritious LLC.

Uncanny Improvement!

Haute Tomato comes in a dry powder mix, because we don’t want to add preservatives or reduce the viability of the living natural enzymes inherent in the vitamins.

Over time, the goodness of juice gets depleted in a liquid form. Pasteurization may preserve some of the flavor, but often renders the vitamins inert.  (Meaning: they’ve lost their cancer-fighting, free-radical scavenging, anti-oxidant qualities.)

Bottom line:

You’ll get more goodness in a serving of Haute Tomato.

Kick the Can

To Improve Your Health & Save The Planet

Why ship water, when it’s everywhere. We don’t waste energy shipping water.  Haute Tomato comes in a dry powder, so it takes:

   Less Energy to Make, Less Energy to Transport  &  Less Energy to Store.


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